Hi, I am Anurag Rana, an aviator, artist and an animator from India.

By education, I am a mechanical engineer, and my work experience has been in manufacturing, product development and marketing, however - my goal is to have an enterprise in the field of computer graphics, gaming and augmented reality, and often dabble in aviation.

The tools I use are - Blender 2.6 exclusively for all 3D works, working across Mac OS X and Linux platforms. For games, I code in Unity3D game engine and target iOS platforms for augmented reality. 

Other than that, I use Wacom tablets, Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses.
I fly a microlight X-Air aircraft. 

Thanks for visiting, hope to meet you face to face one day, or have you sit by me on the co-pilot's seat, until then.... happy landings and take care. 

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